Why It's Important for Athletes to Increase Flexibility

The key to a healthy and successful athletic career is maintaining proper strength and flexibility depending on the requirements for your sport. Many athletes focus on the strength aspect but refuse to give attention to their flexibility. The benefits of increasing flexibility to the correct range is critical for proper mobility and added strength benefits for playing success. Studies show that increased flexibility can have injury prevention additives, however, performing a proper warm up before practice, game or lifting weights is more important to injury prevention. Increasing your flexibility will make you less likely to strain tight muscles as well as provide increased mobility and strength while giving you that extra edge when you are playing your sport.

The best way to improve and keep flexibility is to stretch every other day, targeting each individual muscle group and holding the stretches for 30 – 60 seconds just at the point of burning pain. Athletes that keep this up for the duration of their playing career are more likely to be ahead of the curve. Click the link below to see example stretches. https://www.verywellfit.com/stretching-and-flexibility-exercises-for-athletes-3120286