PlaySafe AT Home: The Importance of Mouth Guards

You should always consider wearing a mouth guard even when it’s not required. Dental injuries are expensive! Without wearing a mouth guard, you are pre-disposed to dental injuries that could cost a fortune to repair.

Sports that require (or HIGHLY encourage) wearing mouth guards:

 Hockey

 Football

 Wrestling

 Lacrosse

Always wear a mouth guard if you have braces or any other orthodontics! Be sure that you get a properly fitted mouth guard if your sport requires it. Your athletic trainer should be able to help you with this. The loss of a tooth is considered an emergency and you should seek assistance immediately. If a tooth becomes dislodged or dislocated, wash it with fresh water to remove any dirt or debris, and then it can be placed in low-fat milk for keeping while you immediately call your dentist for further instructions.

Blog information by: Lea Gossett ATC, Franklin County High School