PlaySafe AT Home: Staying Active

In a time where social distancing is the current (but hopefully temporary) normal, I thought I would share a few exercise ideas for individuals who are working at home. Every half hour of the day can be split into two categories: Cardio exercise and bodyweight exercise, and an alarm/timer can even be set as a simple reminder to get up and move. Each bullet point represents 5-10 minutes of work that can be performed, alternating between cardio and bodyweight exercise.

  • After waking up- perform 5 minutes of continuous walking; in the house, up and down the stairs, or outside.

  • Depending on physical strength level, start with 5-10 pushups (knee push-ups or wall push-ups work just fine!), 10 crunches, and 10 bodyweight squats, 30-second plank.

  • Jogging in place (or outside) for 1 minute, jumping jacks for 1 minute, high knees for 30 seconds (jogging in place bringing knees to waist), finish with another minute of jogging.

  • Repeat the push-ups, crunches, bodyweight squats, and plank.

  • Repeat the cardio section.

The exercises can easily be tracked daily, and the number of repetitions performed/time spent running can incrementally become increased (so long as your schedule allows for it). The CDC recommends 150 minutes (or more) of light-moderate physical activity per week, and performing a small but beneficial workout plan like this will easily allow someone to achieve that amount of exercise.

Blog information by: Brandon Pounds MS, ATC - West Oak HS