PlaySafe AT Home: Hydration

Water makes up 60% or more of your body composition. That makes it one of the most important nutrients that you can put in your body. Unfortunately, water gets forgotten by young adults, especially those who would prefer to drink Gatorade, sodas, or tea. Most people don’t know how much water they are supposed to drink to maintain good hydration. This is especially true when it comes to working out.

When working out, it is good to keep in mind that your body is losing water and electrolytes. Good hydration throughout the day is the best way to deal with fluid loss. Most athletes will drink water during the workout and some after, but do not have a good habit of pre-hydrating. A good rule of thumb is “8 glasses per day”. Athletes would do better with following the guidelines of 3 ½ liters for males and 2 ½ for females, but remember that everyone’s body is different. So figure out what your body needs and keep in mind if you are doing an intense workout, usually one that lasts for more than an hour, drinking a sports drink after to replenish electrolytes is a smart idea.

So how can you tell if you are hydrated or not without measuring out your fluid intake every day? There are two simple ways to tell. The first is if you are thirsty. Most think that you should drink water after you get thirsty, but by then, you are already dehydrated. The second way is if your urine is light yellow or is colorless. If it is a bright yellow color or a dark yellow color that is closer to a light brown, you are dehydrated! So keep a watchful eye!

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Blog information by: Mikayla Austin ATC