PlaySafe AT Home: Benefits of Vitamin D

All of us are experiencing a different world at the moment. For athletic trainers, this is usually a crazy time of year with all the different spring sports going on. One thing I miss is being outside and getting essential Vitamin D from the sun. During this time of quarantine, we may not be getting as much sun exposure as we usually do. I think it’s important to keep our social distancing but still be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and the benefits of Vitamin D. There are a few other ways to get Vitamin D such as fortified milk, fortified cereals and some fatty fish like salmon if getting regular exposure to the sun is not possible. Though many of our lifestyles have shifted, it is very important to try to continue getting Vitamin D and the benefits associated with it, such as:

• Vitamin D is necessary to build and maintain healthy bones.

• Regulating insulin and supporting diabetes management.

• Supporting lung function and cardiovascular health.

• Supporting immune, brain, and nervous system health.

• Influencing the expression of genes in cancer development.

People that are not getting enough Vitamin D in their diet can have some major effects as well. Here are some symptoms of not getting enough Vitamin D.

• Low mood

• Hair loss

• Muscle pain

• Low back and bone pain

• Regular sickness and infection

• Fatigue

• Impaired wound healing

So, please take the time to enjoy this weather and practice social distancing and get some Vitamin D. We want everyone to be safe and healthy during this time so we can all get back to playing the sports we love!