PlaySafe AT Home: 6 Ways to Improve Mental Health

- Exercise: Cardiovascular endurance and strength training are important to keep the body healthy. Exercise helps release endorphins, which is the chemical that makes you happy!

- Sleep: Recommendation is at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This gives the body time to heal but also keeps the mind sharp during the day.

- Interacting With Others: Spending time face to face with family and friends is a great way to socialize and not be glued to the TV, Phone, Video Games, etc.

- Eat Well: Choosing foods that will sustain your blood sugar, rather than spike it is important. Eating lean proteins and healthy fats (avocados or nuts) will sustain your hunger and keep you strong.

- Give: Help a friend in need, volunteer towards a worthy cause, or donating items to a community organization

- Manage Stress: Find an activity that helps relieve stress like playing or listening to music, doing yoga or even meditating.

Blog information by: Jen Bierly MS, ATC - South Aiken HS