Meet Alyssa Small

Alyssa Small is a PlaySafe Supervising Athletic Trainer at West Side High School in Anderson, South Carolina. She is a native of East Brunswick, NJ and a proud graduate of Ithaca College and the University of Florida. She grew up playing soccer and basketball, but loves all sports and being active. Alyssa currently resides in Clemson with her husband Ryan and her puppy son, Gus.

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Food: Narrowing it down to my NY/NJ roots and my Latin heritage; NY Pizza and Puerto Rican & Domincian food.

  • Favorite Hobbies: Working out, smothering my dog with love, cooking, and watching the NY Yankees & US Women's soccer.

  • Who inspires you: As a kid, watching the 1999 USWNT win the world cup on TV was the first time I was exposed to women achieving athletic success on mainstream media. 20 years later, it still inspires me to see the 2019 team continue to come together, dominate in their sport, celebrate each other's successes, and not apologize for who they are just because they are women. In my personal life, I would not be who I am in my career or at home without the lessons my parents taught me. I am lucky to have such dedicated people in my life as my role models.

  • Pet Peeves: In my everyday life, I hate wasting time and dirty dishes in the sink! In the athletic training room, I hate when supplies are taken without asking!

  • Secret talents: I taught myself how to make balloon animals to give a "how-to" presentation for a public speaking class in high school.

  • Craziest/most exciting thing you’ve done: Zip lining in Costa Rica and cave tubing in Belize.

  • Why you enjoy working for PlaySafe: I was fortunate enough to not have any major sports injuries growing up, but I wanted to be an athletic trainer to help people and stay in athletics for a career. PlaySafe has given me the opportunity to do that while challenging myself in a leadership role. I enjoy the pride and commitment PlaySafe has in keeping our athletes safe.

Alyssa, her husband Ryan (right), and Gus (middle).

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