How We PlaySafe

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Welcome to PlaySafe Recap!

It has been a very busy week here at PlaySafe. Between PlaySafe South Carolina preparing for their Annual Kickoff Classic Golf Tournament, staff training meetings, and SMART workshops, the work towards our mission for safer athletic participation has not stopped! As a non-profit organization, PlaySafe depends on continued support from our community in order to fulfill our vision. That is why we want you to be in the know about all the work we do here as we strive to make our community a safe and educated place for youth athletics. Here's a quick recap of all things PlaySafe from this week.

PlaySafe Alabama kicked off the week with a staff training meeting where they did CPR, sideline, and 2 Minutes or Less Training with Sports Medicine Concepts. PlaySafe employees, ATI Athletic Trainers, and Mountain Brook EMS were all in attendance. PlaySafe is gearing up for Fall!

PlaySafe South Carolina held a Sideline Medical Assessment and Response Team (SMART) workshop where athletic trainers were educated about sideline medical practices. This workshop could help save a life!