2020 PlaySafe Sports Physicals

PlaySafe is looking forward to providing physicals this Spring to Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens County students. Please see the dates and times below. For any questions, please contact our corporate office at 864-278-0550 or Ann Cioffi at ann.cioffi@playsafesc.org.

Anderson County, April 18, 2020

At GHS/BR Orthopedics Anderson

8:00 Hanna/Glenview/McCants

9:00 Pendleton/Riverside

9:30 Westside/Robert Anderson

10:30 Crescent/Starr Iva

11:00 BHP/Honea Path/Belton

12:00 Cavaliers/Anderson area Private

12:30 Overflow***

Oconee/Pickens Counties, May 2, 2020

At GHS/BR Orthopedics Seneca

8:00 Pickens/Pickens MS/Dacusville MS

8:30 Seneca/Seneca MS

9:00 Daniel/RC Edwards MS

9:30 Walhalla/Walhalla MS

10:00 Liberty/Liberty MS

10:30 West Oak/West Oak MS

12:30 Overflow***

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